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We create local, small, safe Pods of students to learn life skills. A revolutionary education opportunity at the heart of your community. 

Why Satchel?

What is an Education? It will look different to everyone. Whilst achieving grades are important to give students opportunities, there are many things not taught in schools which should be. Personal finances, well-being, productivity, how to prepare for an emergency, logic & reasoning are to name a few. We use real life scenarios, games, discussions, debates and technology to help children and young adults make informed life decisions and choices.

How does it work?

Satchel provides a qualified, DBS checked, professional Educator and a social agreement to ensure consistent high quality learning will take place in the comfort and familiar surrounds of members homes or online.

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The Satcheled Set Up

What we will do together:

I. Find you a local, experienced and qualified teacher that matches members needs

II. Put together a social contract (this agreement between parents, the teacher and Satchel, protects everyone and determine their own terms)

III. Prepare your space and provide initial learning material and equipment.

We will manage and support you:

I. We will manage your teachers pay, mentoring and contract

II. Provide communication channels and student engagement programs

III. Set up and implement curriculum learning 

IV. Parent support and involvement with weekly education based guidance and


V. We incorporate student progress through self directed goals and reflection

Kids in the Garden


How many students can be in a group?

A maximum of 12 students can form a group. We keep the number small to facilitate the best learning environment possible.

Who forms the group?

We let parents decide to either put a group of friends together, join an existing one or create a new one.


What ages do you take?

Currently 4-10 year old students.


Is it like an after school club?

Exactly. School can be incredibly overwhelming and competitive. We give students the opportunity to feel relaxed, learn important concepts and life skills whilst socializing. We hope one day these topics will be part of the national curriculum in the UK.

Where does each lesson happen?

Again, we let parents decide. Some prefer a household and to rotate each household. Some have found a church hall and set it up there or alternatively we assist finding a location. We often like to take kids outside or to a specific space for them to learn.


“We facilitate the championing of educators and like minded people that want to see change in the world”