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At Satchel Education we acknowledge the importance of a well rounded education delivered in a safe, comfortable learning environment. A place where students can relax and have a rewarding learning experience.

Welcome to SatchelPod. A bespoke education opportunity at the heart of your community.

A SatchelPod involves your child joining a small group of students in your local community that will be paired with a SatchelPod educator to teach at your homes.

How does it work?

Each Pod is between 3 - 8 students with Pods being formed by parents with the support of our SatchelPod Co-ordinators. Consistent high quality teaching will be provided five days a week from 9am - 2pm in the comfort and familiar surrounds of Pod members home.

Each Pod member family will take turns to host the Pod at their respective homes on a weekly rotating basis, id they wish to do so. E.g. if there are five children in a Pod, each family will host the Pod lessons at their home for one whole week every five weeks. If there are six Pod members families will host every six weeks etc. Hosting families will receive a discount.

SatchelPod learning offers a truly bespoke curriculum with personal learning goals for each child.

Pods will spent a lot of time exploring to really take them out of the traditional schooling environment.

Health and Safety

We trust Pod families to maintain transparency of their risk profile whilst we are experiencing the COVID pandemic. SatchelPod Coordinators will work with all Pod member families to ensure the learning environment at home complies with industry standard health requirements and we will implement best practices.



The SatchelPod Set Up

Let us build your Pod, together. SatchelPod Co-ordinators will:

I. Find you a local Pod Teacher that matched to your Pod members needs

II. Put together a social contract (this agreement between parents, the teacher and Satchel, protects everyone legally and allows pods to determine their own terms)

III. Prepare your pod space and provide initial learning material and equipment.

SatchelPod manage and support your pod:

I. We will manage your pod teachers salary, mentoring and contract

II. Provide communication channels and student engagement programs

III. Set up and implement curriculum learning for the pod

IV. Parent support and involvement with weekly education based guidance and


V. We incorporate student progress through self directed goals and reflection

Kids in the Garden

“I hear and I forget. I see and I remember. I do and I understand.”

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